The 5 Tibetans. Mystic Rites That Help You Feel Young
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The 5 Tibetans. Mystic Rites That Help You Feel Young

First published in Jeunessima Magazine 14

Humanity has always been searching for the holy grail of youthfulness.

More than 2,500 years ago, scientists discovered some physical movements that seemed to answer this search, the 5 Tibetans. Those movements were considered to be a path to higher consciousness and youthfulness.

While the 5 Tibetans might not give you everlasting youth, they do indeed represent a great way to keep your body in shape, especially when you have limited time for a workout or a complete yoga routine.

We recommend you do the exercises one time per day, ideally before breakfast. That helps you to wake up your body for the day in addition to keeping it young and strong.

woman doing the 5 Tibetans

If you are new to these exercises, we recommend you start slowly, doing just 3 to 5 repetitions per rite.

Make sure that you always keep a relaxed pace and pay attention to what your body tells you. These are not cardio exercises that you rush through. They are body and mind workouts.

Below is a video where anti-aging expert Ellen Wood shows you how to do them.

Some Extra Tips When Doing the 5 Tibetans

Rite #1

It is easy to get dizzy and feel slightly sick when spinning around. So …

1) It's best trying to look at the same point as long as possible and … something else we have found very useful is to

2) Extend 1 arm in front of the body just after the spinning, with the thumb up. Then look at the thumb while bringing it closer to the face. That normally gets rid of the dizziness very quickly

Rite #3

Ellen forgot to tuck under her toes as she mentioned on her YouTube site. So make sure you don’t.

Ellen Wood

Award-winning Author, Speaker and Columnist at Your Grow Young Guide
Ellen is 79 years young. She is an award-winning author, speaker and columnist and one of the world's leading pioneers of age-reversing consciousness. Ellen discovered the power of mind/spirit techniques in her mid-thirties already and has applied them ever since.
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