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Chemical Peels. Transhumanism. Extending Life – Conference VLog Diary with Tips from Day 1 at the AMWC 2018, Monaco

The Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Monaco (AMWC 2018) is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, anti-aging conference in the world.

There you find the latest research discoveries, tools and practices that can help you to live healthier, longer, and more beautifully.

As I want to make sure you are up-to-date about everything anti-aging … and give you specific tips and ideas of what YOU can do, I've taped a little conference vlog diary every evening where I share what I thought were the most fascinating topics of the day.

Here's Day 1, where I discovered more about chemical peels, transhumanism and how to extend life with caloric restriction without starving yourself.

In this diary you’ll discover …

  • Topics of the day : What I learned about chemical peels, transhumanism, and living longer with caloric restriction without starving yourself on day 1 of the Aesthetic & AntiAging Medicine World Congress in Monaco … [0:53]

Chemical Peels … 

  • Chemical Peels … and why I don’t really understand peeling … [1:15]
  • There are many different types of peels : From light peeling to deep peelings … [1:39]
  • Peelings today don’t have to hurt anymore … [2:05]
  • How peelings can go wrong … [2:18]

Extending life … and living a healthier life with caloric restriction … 

  • The major problem with caloric restriction … [2:43]
  • How can you mimic caloric restriction ? … [3:28]
  • How to do intermittent fasting ? … [3:36]
  • What is the best way for women to do intermittent fasting … and why ? … [4:28]
  • Doing the ketogenic diet to tease your body into believing that it is starving … and how I do that including some daily chocolate … [5:00]
  • Why you don’t want to eat too many proteins … [5:30]
  • The benefits of polyphenols to trigger anti-aging benefits … [6:06]
  • The most effective polyphenols to mimic caloric restriction … [6:20]
  • How I keep my own inflammation low … [6:57]

Transhumanism … how far are you ready to go ? … 

  • Will my little granddaughter still need a computer ? … [7:30]
  • What will the future of our great-grandhildren look like ? … [8:00]
  • What is the idea behind transhumanism ? … [8:20]
  • From understanding our DNA … [8:35]
  • … to protheses … that will allow us to perform better than those without protheses … [9:20]
  • … to changing our DNA … or creating designer babies … [10:11]
  • What are some of the issues with transhumanism ? … [10:29]
  • How far can transhumanism go ? … [10:50]
  • Is transhumanism a way to become immortal ? … and … [11:45]
  • When will transhumanism simply be a fact of life ? … [11:50]

I hope you enjoyed this conference vlog diary !

If you want to see the top 5 themes of the AMWC 2018, go to …

Living Healthier. Living Longer. Living more Beautifully. The latest News from the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco

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Do you have any questions … or suggestions ?
What conferences do you want me to report from ?

Simply let me know in the comments below … or on social media.

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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