BioFinesse. The Gentle Version of Biohacking That You Can Easily Integrate Into Your Daily Life
Be Vibrant BioFinesse

BioFinesse. The Gentle Version of Biohacking That You Can Easily Integrate Into Your Daily Life

Adapted version first published in Jeunessima Magazine 18

You sometimes feel tired and exhausted. … It takes more effort to get your tasks done than it used to. … You are suffering from pains in different parts of your body that didn't use to be there just a few years ago. … You occasionally feel like you can't think straight. … Or … You get ill more often.

Or … maybe …

You are doing quite okay … your body and mind are in good shape … but somehow you know you can do better. … You want to be totally healthy … happy … full of energy … and perform at your very best … every day … at any age … so you can achieve all the things in life you dream of.

Or … maybe …

You want to slow aging or even reverse aging. You want to live for a very long time … maybe like me 150 years? All, of course, in best health and with a lot of fun.

The question is: How can you be your very best Self? How can you be happy, healthy, and perform amazingly well?

What can you do when so many approaches have not brought you what you are really yearning for?


BioFinesse might just be the approach for you, not only bringing incredible results for your body and mind, but joy on the journey as well.

You might have heard about biohacking, a term that reflects some of the rather harsh, intense and more masculine approaches to improving yourself.

At Jeunessima, we very much agree with the idea of self-improvement. The whole purpose of Jeunessima is to help women like you to be the absolute best version of themselves.

But … we believe that there are gentle ways that can be easily integrated into your daily life, ways that let you not just enjoy the result but the journey as well.

And this is the reason that I came up with the word BioFinesse … just as Dave Asprey says he's the grandfather of biohacking … I'm the grandmother of BioFinesse.

Woman enjoying life because she uses biofinesse to be her very best self

What Is Biofinesse and How Does It Compare to Biohacking?

Most ‘self-improvement’ ideologies either tend to address one part of your life only, proclaim to work for ‘everybody’, or are simply not sustainable. BioFinesse is different in that it is based on a systems-thinking approach to your own biology.

That can include everything from what you eat and drink to the music you listen to and the exercise you do, the ways you relax, how you sleep, the way you travel, and so much more.

Biohacking is about getting your hands dirty and learning from experience.

BioFinesse however, is about using that principle but taking the best ideas of biohacking and other methods of self-improvement and using them to discover more about yourself and to integrate easy and enjoyable approaches into your daily life.

It is our way of saying, enjoy the journey of becoming and being your very best Self.

Do not use BioFinesse as something else to beat yourself up about if you do not do it to the letter.

After all, it is not about putting more years into your life, but more life into your years.

In another article I'll share some simple tips that help you on your journey.

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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