BioFinesse. The Woman’s Starter Guide to Being Your Very Best Self
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BioFinesse. The Woman’s Starter Guide to Being Your Very Best Self

This BioFinesse Starter Guide was first published in Jeunessima Magazine 18

In our previous article BioFinesse. The Gentle Version of Biohacking That You Can Easily Integrate Into Your Daily Life, I shared with you what BioFinesse is and how it compares to biohacking.

But … if you want to use BioFinesse to be your very best self … what can you do? What are some of the easiest way to get you on the right path?

Here is a starter guide for you …

Get a Grip on Your Posture

Most of us have to sit down for long periods of time for our work. The way workspaces are designed nowadays it is pretty unavoidable.

woman sitting in a good posture following the biofinesse starter guide

However, sitting is not good for us. It causes tight muscles and can lead to injury and chronic pain. And that is the least of our worries. Sitting for long periods of time actually shortens our lives and – quite obviously – reduces the amount of calories we burn.

So, what can you do?

In the first place, watch how much you are actually sitting every day. And how long you are staying seated on a continuous basis. An hour of intensive exercise does not balance out a whole day of sitting at your desk.

Stand up regularly, about once every hour if you manage it, and walk around a little.

Try using a foam roller every day for 10 minutes. Foam rollers are inexpensive, and you can easily buy them on Amazon.

And, from time to time during the day, get into a neutral sitting position. This will help to stabilize your spine.

Squeeze your butt, breathe in and out pulling your ribcage down and engage your abs slightly. Make sure your head is in a neutral position with your ears in line with your shoulders. It is hard to maintain this position over a long time, but I reckon you are up to the challenge.

Eat Right

The topic of so much debate, diet is an incredibly personal thing. One person may be able to operate on an entirely ketogenic diet, for example eating hardly any carbohydrates. Others may need more carbohydrates to stay healthy.

So, what does BioFinesse recommend?

Listen to your body. What makes you feel good? What bloats your stomach, makes you feel lethargic, or jittery.

woman eating a healthy diet following the recommendations of BioFinesse

At the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference and all the anti-aging conferences, the overriding advice is to avoid refined sugar. Biohackers have adequately dubbed it to be ‘more addictive than morphine’.

Have yourself tested for food sensitivities so that you can avoid the foods that lead to inflammation, responsible for any number of problems from IBS to lethargy to accelerated aging.

An emphasis on raw or lightly cooked foods, lots of vegetables and natural fats and organic meat, and fish are high on the agenda.

Enjoy Nature

While we all like our comforts (central heating for example), at our core we are all descendants of a much wilder breed of human being. No wonder we all feel better after a little time out in nature.

Getting outside and breathing fresh air helps to rejuvenate mind and body, increasing our absorption of oxygen. So, make sure you open up that diaphragm and breathe deeply.

woman enjoys nature following the BioFinesse Starter Guide for Women

While we are all aware of the need to wear sunscreen in hot weather, do not get so concerned that you forget to get out in the sunshine at all. At any time of the year it is important to expose ourselves to this natural form of nutrition. Early morning and evening tend to be the best times.

“There has been scientific research that shows views of nature improve your recovery rate from illness. We have a connection with nature and most people are separated from it all day at work – it resonates with us on a deep level,” says Naturopath Louise Westra.

Get out … and enjoy nature.

Embrace Technology

It may seem counter-intuitive having just talked about nature, but wearable tech can be very helpful in understanding your own body and helping it to work more effectively.

Woman using technology to follow the BioFinesse guidelines

This is where technology can be beneficial to our health. Whether it is apps to monitor sleep patterns or to help manage particular diet patterns, chances are there is something out there for you.

Just do not get hung up on having to do everything ‘right’. Use the technology as an opportunity to find out more about yourself and to discover when you are at your very best. And then do more of what is good for you … more often.

Sleep Right

Sleep, few things are more important when it comes to wellbeing and feeling happy and young at heart. Quite literally as sleep helps your heart and blood vessels to heal and repair and your body to rejuvenate.

Woman follows one of the main rules of BioFinesse: Sleep right

Long term lack of sleep increases the chances of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. So make sure you get some proper time out – we have a couple of recommendations on how to get some quiet time in article Some Peace and Quiet … Please from Jeunessima Magazine issue 18, to get you started!

Having just spoken about technology, amongst’s 2016 winners for the best insomnia apps for sleep was Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson – a meditation app that helps you to quiet your mind for just $2.99.

These are just a few approaches to biofinessing your life. I share more tips and ideas in my weekly Lifestyle Delights newsletter and … of course … in the Jeunessima Magazine and on this website.

So stay tuned, and if you haven’t done it yet, subscribe to the newsletter and the magazine to make sure you do not miss out on the best tips for living a better and more enjoyable life.

And … dont wait until New Year or some other time in the future. Start right now. Choose one of these tips today and start improving your life without delay.

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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