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Apr 30

Ageless Women

What Does Being Ageless Mean to You?

Chat with ‘Ageless Influencers’ from around the world to see what being ageless means for them. And … share what it means for YOU

Co-Hosts: Nikolina Lauc, CEO GlycanAge. Laura Minquini, Founder Mykigai. Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine. Hedda Adler-DiNucci, 74-young Founder of Agelessness

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May 4

Ageless Health & Living

Marketing, Brand & Content Hacks for GameChangers in Health

You're an innovative AntiAging/ Longevity, Preventative or Functional Medicine Doctor. You're a great Health Coach.
But does the world know about you? It's time to be more visible ... and help more people.
We share tips & ideas that you can easily integrate into your daily practice

Co-Hosts: Matt Dippl, Founder of fxmedaccelerate & Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine

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May 7

Ageless Women

Younger with Light!

Did you know that you can use light to decrease wrinkles, rejuvenate your body, stimulate your mind … and even live a little longer? Find out more in this chat with international experts

Co-Hosts: Nikolina Lauc, CEO GlycanAge. Laura Minquini, Founder Mykigai. Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine. More experts to be announced soon

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Refuse to be a statistic!
Just because you might be chronologically over 40, 50, 60, … 
doesn't mean that you are biologically or in your mind and spirit

Ines O'Donovan, PhD

Other Topics we have in Mind

  • Sleep
  • How not to lose your mind
  • Understanding your biomarkers
  • Tracking your health & wellness
  • Inflammation
  • Blood Sugar
  • Menopause
  • Breathing
  • Microbiome & Digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Longevity
  • Biohacking ... or as we call it at Jeunessima ... BioFinesse
  • Ageless Mindset
  • Keto
  • Fasting
  • Fitness over 40 ... including High-intensity interval training, and much more
  • The latest Health, Wellness, Rejuvenation & Longevity Products & Services. Fireside Chats with CEOs
  • Investing in your future & longevity
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Psychedelics
  • Nootropics
  • CBD
  • NAD
  • Maximizing your brain power
  • Stress
  • Light Therapies
  • Acupuncture. Acupressure
  • Sexual health & pleasure at any age
  • Time to chill ... Cocktail chats among us ladies
  • Genetics & epigenetics
  • Peptides
  • The mighty power of coffee
  • Daily healthy habits
  • ... What do YOU want to learn or talk about? ... DM us on Instagram @jeunessima

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I feel that beauty & femininity are ageless

Marilyn Monroe

Tips from Previous

Ageless Women Clubhouse Chats

Connecting with Women in Health & Wellness

Watch the message you are sending to yourself. Your wellbeing & business success depend on it (Caroli & Denise)

Avoid watching the news, especially negative news. They only distract you and pull you down (Treasa)

Start knitting. It's great for your brain AND you see success very quickly (Birgit)

Breathe! ... Set an alarm 3-5+ times/ day. When it goes off ...

  • Breathe in very slowly (4 breaths)
  • Hold for ca 7 counts
  • Breathe out very slowly for 8+ counts

Repeat at least 3 times. You'll see your stress drop significantly (Ines)

Imagine ... A Glimpse into the Future of Aging & Healthcare

Most people cannot imagine a life where it is normal to live beyond 120, 150 (or even 80 for that matter) … even though we’re quite close to making this happen. Join Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome, Ines O'Donovan, CEO of Jeunessima Magazine & other experts for a discussion about how we might live & age in 2050

Host: Ines O'Donovan. Guests: Naveen Jain, CEO Viome. Bob Troia, aka 'Quantified Bob'. Neil Paulvin, innovative physician. Jill Gilbert, Producer, Digital Health Summit @CES + Founder, Wicked Awesome You. Aditi U Joshi, Director Telehealth Fellowship, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Here are some of the thoughts & tips ...

Some statistics to think about

  • By 2050, the United Nations expect 3.2 million centenarians in the world.
  • By 2047, there will be more people over 60 than there will be children.
  • For 2050, researchers expect 34% of the population to be over 60

Think about what that means to you personally.

What will your health insurance look like? What about retirement? Will there be retirement?

Let's look at some of the keywords that our fabulous panel (Naveen Jain, Nanea Reeves, Jill Gilbert, Dr Neil Paulvin, Quantified Bob, Dr Aditi U Joshi) shared ...

  • Epigenetic testing even before babies are born, so parents know right from the beginning what the best care is for the little ones
  • Gene therapy to fix potentially unhealthy genetic predispositions
  • Integrated sensors in our body
  • Personalized medicine & therapeutics
  • Care will mostly be taking place at home
  • Will doctors become more guides and coaches and let AI find out the best treatment?
  • Food as medicine. From pharmacy to farm
  • Download knowledge directly to your brain. Trying to learn & remember things that are not needed in daily life will become outdated as all information will be available at the finger tip ... or a blink, a thought
  • Nanobots that are constantly tracking our health and if needed, repair and rejuvenate us from the inside
  • Printing organs

What's important to consider with all of this are people's natural hesitations, privacy & ethical issues

Some of Top Tips for Staying Healthy, Happy & Slow Aging

My own (Ines O'Donovan):

  • Focus on good sleep, particularly deep sleep
  • Keep your brain healthy ... with mental excercises, healthy food, nootropics & other herbs & devices like NeoRhythm from OmniPemf
  • Some ! exercise without overdoing it. Great to take a cold shower ... or jump into a cold river or the ocean afterwards

Nanea Reeves, CEO Tripp

  • Meditation
  • Having a sense of purpose and acting accordingly
  • Looking for healthcare professionals who understand the whole body

Paul Spiegel

  • Supplements
  • Exercise your body
  • Exercise your mind

Ryan Barby

  • Walking & Resistance Training
  • Gratitude Practice
  • Building good relationships

Laura Minquini

  • Manage your stress
  • Limit/ avoid sugar
  • Sleep

Catherine Johnson

  • Align attention with intention and live your life according to your circadian rhythm
  • Be positive
  • Stay in motion

What are the things YOU are doing to stay healthy & ageless?

Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Through Meditation to More Health & Happiness

Discover the power of meditation for more business success, more health, happiness ... and a longer life

Host: Ines O'Donovan. Guest: Caroli Remmlinger

Here are a few of the benefits of meditation we have shared in the chat  ...

  • Come up with better strategies to deal with stress (study)
  • Be more open to experiences (study)
  • Helps you to decrease procrastination & improve your time management (study)
  • Improves your mood (study) & amplify positive emotions using contemplative meditation (study)
  • Improves your sleep (study)
  • Lowers inflammation, cortisol & oxidative stress (study
  • Stay biologically younger by encouraging telomerase & slowing telomere shortening (study)
  • Improve your longevity chances by raising sirtuin 1 (study)

What are the things YOU are doing to stay healthy & ageless?

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Measuring Your Biological Age.
Are Glycans the New Way to More Health & Longevity?

Our CEO Ines O'Donovan's biological age is 29 years younger than her chronological age. A great indicator for her future health ... and quite likely also for longevity.

How did she measure it? ... With glycans

Glycans are at the source of your immune system's health and ... aging. Measuring them will help you discover how healthy you truly are and how well you age.

Discover some of the research & thoughts around glycans and the best tips of our panel to stay young & healthy for a long time to come.

Host: Ines O'Donovan

Guests: Nikolina Lauc, CEO GlycanAge. Gordon Lauc, CEO Genos. MarinaMartinić Kavur, Genos, Creon Levit, Chief Technologist at Planet Labs

Here are a few of the thoughts we have shared in the chat  ...

  • Glycans are sugar molecules the surround & modify proteins in your body.
  • Glycans can be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory
  • "Inflammation is something we need, otherwise we would be killed by bacteria" said Gordan
  • If you have too many pro-inflammatory glycans, you age quicker, aka your biological age/GlycanAge is higher
  • Your ideal GlycanAge is in the lower 20s (that's as young as you can biologically get. Ines is 20)
  • Things that can increase your biological age/GlycanAge: Obesity, too many/too intense workouts, stress, menopause (menopause can drive up GlycanAge by 9 years within just a few months)
  • Things that can decrease your GlycanAge: Weight loss, a healthy diet, interval training, well-balanced hormones, stress reduction
  • Glycans can start changing about 10 years before a disease occurs, so measuring them early and regularly provides a great indicator ... and an opportunity to act
  • Unfortunately(?), there's no universal magic diet that keeps your GlycanAge down. You need to find out for yourselves what works for YOU

We got a special discount of 15% for you if you want to measure your GlycanAge. Either use 'JEUNESSIMA' on the GlycanAge page or use this link:

=> Measure Your GlycanAge

Some of Top Tips for Staying Healthy, Happy & Slow Aging From Our Panelists ...

  • Ines: Balance. We often tend to do too much of a thing or too little. Too much exercise, too little. Loads of carbs or no carbs. You need balance
  • Nikolina: Meditate to reduce stress
  • Marina: Follow the natural cycles of your life, eg seasonal, menstrual, daily, ...
  • Creon: Measure your blood sugar and ketones ... to find the best way to keep your blood sugar low & your metabolic flexibility
  • Brooke Tully: Cold water swimming
  • Laura Minquini: Stay curious
  • Masha V: Keep a positive mood
  • Laurence Ion: Do some fasting

What are the things YOU are doing to stay healthy & ageless?

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Monitoring Blood Glucose for Women 50+

Here are a few of the thoughts we have shared in the chat  ...

Testing your blood sugar is essential for managing your health and longevity.

  • It's not enough to just measure it a few times throughout the day as what is worst for your health are the intensity and duration of spikes (You want to keep them few, low & short)
  • Use a continuous blood glucose monitor. One of the lowest-cost ones is Abbott's Freestyle Libre, which measures your blood sugar for 2 weeks. Another popular monitor is Dexcom. And if you want services/apps that give you recommendations, Levels and Nutrisense seem to be good
  • A good blood sugar level if you want to live healthier longer, as recommended by Life Extension, is 70-100 mg/dl. You want to spend the majority of your time in this range
  • High carbohydrates, stress & exercise, especially in a fasted state, tend to create spikes. Fat tends to blunt spikes. ... But ... everybody is different and reacts differently. That's why it is crucial that you test it for yourself
  • Repeat 2-week measure periods if your lifestyle changes somewhat, eg when you're traveling, when you're changing your diet or exercise regime, during different seasons, ...

What are your experiences with your own blood sugar?

Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Gene Therapy. The Way to Becoming Ageless?

We spoke with the woman who has done several gene therapies already, Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva to share more about gene therapy, its current state, and where the development might go. But Liz also spoke about her experiences, the good and the bad. 

Host: Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine

Guest: Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva

Click to read Liz' interview about the Future of Aging in Jeunessima Magazine 23

Here are a few of the thoughts Liz shared in the chat  ...

  • Gene therapy has great potential to heal diseases and improve aging by being able to focus on specific genes with little side effects instead of having drugs that have far-reaching side effects that might heal (or improve the symptoms) of a disease but cause other issues. Plenty more research is needed, of course
  • There are different gene therapies
    • From very short-term that act only briefly (days) to therapies that you do once in a lifetime
    • They can replace faulty genes, knock out genes that don't work as they should or add additional genes
  • Currently 5 gene therapies have been approved, including those for inherited retinal dystrophy & spinal muscular atrophy
  • Some of gene therapies that are interesting for healthier aging are those addressing senescence/telomerase (hTERT), muscle mass (follistatin), kidney, cardiovascular & cognitive function (Klotho) & mitochondrial function (PGC1α)

Want to know more? Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Longevity & female fertility

Staying fertile is not only important for having children. It also has an important impact on our aging & longevity. Join us to find out more & ask your questions

Host: Laura Minquini, Founder Mykigai.

Moderators: Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine. Nikolina Lauc, CEO GlycanAge. Liz Parrish, CEO BioViva

Here are a few of the thoughts we shared in the chat  ...

  • Being fertile is not just a biological question. It also plays an important psychological role
  • Women are under tremendous pressure to have children at a certain time trying to have a successful career but not wanting to wait too long as they might not be able to have children anymore
  • Some options include freezing eggs (need to do it early though and it tends to be expensive), freezing embryos, having surrogate mothers or adopt
  • Women who have children early tend to have an earlier menopause and die earlier while women who have children later in their life tend to live longer
  • Some of the things you can do (or try) right now to stay fertile longer and postpone menopause ...
    • Avoid obesity as that lowers fertility and longevity
    • Avoid too much meat. It seems to reduce fertility
    • Stay sexually active, at least once a week ... even caressing and self-stimulation are effective
    • Metformin has postponed menopause in mice
    • Blood transfusions from younger to older female mice restored some of their regenerative potential

What are your thoughts and questions about women's fertility & longevity? Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Is there any point in fighting aging?

In our weekly Friday chat for 'Ageless Women', one of the ladies who joined the chat asked ...

How do you assess what diet works best?

Here are some of the answers from our expert panel …

Co-Hosts: Ines O'Donovan, CEO Jeunessima Magazine. Nikolina Lauc, CEO GlycanAge. Laura Minquini, Founder Mykigai.

You can start with a simple food diary (no tech necessary): Write down what you eat … and then how it makes you feel, if you bloat, have heartburn, if it makes you tired or energizes you, if it makes you moody or optimistic, if you have brain fog, get headaches, … Over time, you will recognize patterns

Do an elimination diet where you remove some of the most likely foods that cause problems, e.g., refined/processed foods, sugars, dairy, eggs, nightshades, alcohol, … for about 8 weeks. See how you feel.

Once you feel significantly better, start re-introducing 1 food at a time and test it for about 3 days to see how you feel. Keep only what makes you feel great (you might well be able to re-introduce a food that doesn’t work now at a later time in your life).

Another way that you can try is doing a pulse test. Dr Coca found that foods that your body doesn’t like are causing stress, which you can detect in your pulse.

At least 2 hours after having had food or other drinks than water the last time, sit down comfortably and count your pulse for 1 minute. Then put 1 food into your mouth for 30 seconds; you can chew but don’t swallow. Then, with the food still in your mouth, count your pulse again. If it raises more than 6 points, it causes stress and it’s not good for you. Spit out the food and rinse your mouth with water before testing the next food.

An easier way, if you have a heart rate monitor and an app that can measure it, or you have a watch that measures your heart rate in-time, you can simply watch your heart rate measure when having the food in your mouth.

You can, of course, also

  • Do a food sensitivity test in a lab
  • Wear a continuous blood glucose monitor to see your body’s reaction to the foods you eat
  • Use devices like Lumen to check your metabolism
  • Get your microbiome tested and advice on foods to eat and avoid with Viome
  • Use a service like Zoe that measures your microbiome health, blood fat & blood sugar responses of your body (currently only in the US and waiting list)

What have you done to find out what diet works best for you? Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Can Creams Truly Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Many skincare products are sold claiming to rejuvenate your skin. But is that actually true?

We had a chat with women who know, the Founders of OneSkin, all with PhDs. They have looked at the research, tested thousands of molecule to find & improve the one that truly rejuvenates your skin.

Host: Ines O'Donovan. Guests: Carolina Reis Oliveira, CEO OneSkin. Alessandra Zonari, CSO & Juliana Carvalho, Co-Founder

Here are some of the tips they've shared …

  • Most skin products might temporarily smoothen your skin (until you stop using them) but they don't address the underlying process of aging
  • Some of the things that age your skin: Sun radiation/ UV light (leading to so-called photo-aging), pollution, hormones, chemicals we expose our skin to (including detergents) or ingest, stress we experience
  • Skin treatments that age your skin: Acids like retinoid acid (even though it's still seen as the golden standard in antiaging products) or lasers. While occasional treatments are okay, doing them too often not only increases inflammation. It also exhausts your stem cell pool quicker from which new skin is built leaving you with thinner skin that ages quicker and is not protective
  • Watch out for ingredients like petroleum-derived chemicals, some polymers, parabens, synthetic fragrances. Check EWG to see which ingredients you can safely use and which to avoid
  • Good skincare is often more about what you DON'T put on your skin than what you put on it. But you do want to protect your skin and help it to repair & rejuvenate. The peptide OS-01 that OneSkin developed and that they have in their skincare product actually halts the aging process ... scientifically proven. Inflammation goes down. Hyaluronic acid and collagen go up leading to more firmness of the skin. And all without side effects. Nikolina, another guest who joined us on stage, had actually tested the product already and she said that for her, her skin looked better after only a few days and a small scar disappeared. (The co-founders said though that they do not want to promote such quick success. For some people it takes longer) But in general the skin is healthier and biologically younger.
  • Don't forget though, good skincare is also about a healthy diet (including limiting your sugar as that drives inflammation and accelerates skin aging), sleep, stress management

Read more about skin health and OS-01 in Dr. Carolina Reis' article 'Is This Topical Supplement the Fountain of Youth For Your Skin?' in Jeunessima Magazine 24.

What is your favorite tip for keeping your skin healthy? Please share with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram

Keto. Friend or foe for women over 40, 50+?

Keto has been touted as the ultimate weight loss tool. But it can also have dangerous effects for your health.

In our Ageless Women chat, we spoke about what keto is, when keto is good, when not, clean keto and dirty keto, things to watch out for, and so much more. 

Host: Ines O'Donovan. Guests: Miriam Hoffbauer, Fehmye Kerkhof, Birgit Boislard, Martina Diehn & Kim Dechert

Here are some of the plenty of tips we've shared …

Some of the benefits of keto

  • Help with epileptic seizures. (This is where keto started being used as a therapeutic
  • Reducing cravings, feeling more satiated for longer
  • Having more energy
  • Feeling more productive
  • Obesity. Many women have lost weight with keto and love it for that reason
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving or in some cases healing diabetes
  • Improving insulin sensitivity
  • PCOS
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer's

But keto also has a dark side. Here are some of the things to look out for ...

  • If you keep thriving on the high energy you get for too long (even if it feels good), be it mentally or physically, you can exhaust yourself
  • Some women might not eat enough because they feel full. That'll rob you of your body's resources ... It can exhaust your adrenal glands, mess with your hormones and neurotransmitters. If combined with stress that spikes your cortisol, that's a bad idea
  • It's best to get hormone levels checked before starting to avoid disturbances of your monthly cycle or other unusual hormonal fluctuations
  • Many women (and men) eat too many proteins when starting out on keto
  • Make sure you get enough and a variety of micronutrients. As you feel fuller longer, you might not get enough
  • Watch out that you don't drift into 'dirty keto' including, e.g., processed oils & trans fats, processed foods & meats, factory-farmed dairy & meat, soft drinks with sweeteners

You find an amazing coffee chocolate recipe that not only melts your heart but your fat as well ... and that is not only for keto and low-carb lovers in Jeunessima Magazine 21 .

What are your experiences with keto? Have you tried it? Please share with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram

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