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A Definition of a Young Life – Whatever Age You Are

In a previous story article, we looked at what aging is and why I don’t particularly like the word ‘anti-aging’.

As the creator of Jeunessima I have been often asked what I understand by ‘being young’, ‘being ageless’. Here is my definition … and yes, it applies to any age

As the creator of Jeunessima, the company that has turned anti-aging into the art & joy of feeling young, I have often been asked what I understand by ‘being young’ or – if you prefer – ‘being YOUthful’ or ‘being ageless’.

For me being young means that you use the full potential your body, mind and soul offer you.

Being young at any age means being enthusiastic, optimistic, seeing potential for yourselves and others, being curious, wanting to learn, being open to change and new beginnings.

It also means looking after your body, mind & soul. It means vitality, resilience and an abundance of energy to do what you love.

Being young means believing in yourself and daring to be yourself. This is actually one of the reasons why I often write ‘YOUng’ and ‘YOUthful’ as living a young or youthful life is all about YOU.

A young and happy life is also about balance. While we do want to be active, we don’t have to have the constant body-breaking hardship of our ancestors anymore. We can and need to enjoy times of peace and physical relaxation.

We can use the advances of medicine to heal certain diseases while using ancient methods including and especially the power of our own mind to LIVE.

Being young is about experiencing life as it flows, enjoying and learning from each experience. At the same time, it is about believing that there is much more to come and to experience and that you’re able to do so.

Profit from all the experiences you make.

Aging is inevitable ... but getting old is optional - Ines O'Donovan
Living your life fully makes you better, the same as good wine gets better with age. And don’t forget there is a reason why wise women (and men) are at the heart of many traditional tribes.

So, enjoy your life … every moment … of every day.

Have fun, stay young

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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