Discover the Power of Human Longevity at RAADfest. An Interview with James Strole & Bernadeane cover
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Discover the Power of Human Longevity at RAADfest. An Interview with James Strole & Bernadeane

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to unlock your full potential and thrive in both your personal and professional life?

The super-longevity conference RAADfest is just around the corner. We checked in with the two co-founders Bernadeane and James Strole to find out more about this year's theme Meet Your Future Face-to-Face.

Watch the full Interview: Unlocking Immortality: Discovering the Power of Human Longevity with Bernadeane and James Strole

Bernadeane and James Strole: The Faces of RAADfest

Bernadeane and James, or Bernie and Jim as they are loving called by their friends, are not only the co-founders of People Unlimited and the Coalition for Radical Life Extension. They are also the driving force behind RAADfest. With over five decades of collaboration, their experience and passion have made them key figures in the longevity community.

We've been working together for 50 some years. And I'm going to be at RAADfest. We're going to be there together and working together. And so I'm excited about it. I'm excited to see everyone.

This year, they eagerly anticipate meeting fellow enthusiasts at RAADfest in California, emphasizing the significance of human connections in this movement.

The Inspiration Behind “Meet Your Future Face-to-Face”

It was actually Bill Fallon [from] Life Extension that was inspirational for that topic because he said that people need to put a face to … longevity

Jim highlighted that Bill was calling out the importance of putting a face to longevity, emphasizing that real human connections foster deeper collaborations. By meeting in person, participants can create lasting friendships, share experiences, and freely exchange life-extension knowledge. So the theme is a call to action, inviting attendees to embrace the impact of personal interaction in their pursuit of longevity.

This year's focus on physical gatherings underscores the movement's dedication to genuine human bonds. Jim reinforced the collective aspect, stating, “RAADfest is about a movement of all of us together. We all need to own it and work together.”

Bernie, with her 86 years of life, embodies the theme's essence: “We can go past what's programmed for the body.” She champions unity, underscoring, “Energy, strength, and power come from togetherness with those sharing the same hunger and desire.

In a digital age, where virtual interactions abound, RAADfest 2023 beckons participants to embrace the transformative force of face-to-face connections. The event epitomizes the vitality of genuine relationships, encouraging attendees to shape a future rich in meaningful human experiences.

The Power of Real Human Contact

While modern technology facilitates communication, it cannot replace the power of real human contact. The organizers of RAADfest recognize this and have decided not to offer a virtual alternative this year. By gathering in person, attendees can experience the energy, strength, and power that comes from being part of a movement. The event aims to foster a sense of togetherness, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards a future of extended lifespans.

Meet your future face-to-face at RAADfest

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“Death Means Business”: Stepping Up for a Longer Future

Bernie and Jim introduce the idea of “Death Means Business,” encouraging participants to take a more proactive approach to life extension. They emphasize the need for communication and support among individuals with a shared desire for an extended future.

Bernadeane stated:

I've had challenges, especially this past year, and I need the communication with other people who have a desire. I have a desire to face my future. I'm looking at my future. And I've been here for 86 years. That's not near long enough to be alive. And so I'm really moving to have a future …

And we need one another in a way that we've never needed one another before. There's energy and a strength and a power that comes from togetherness with each other who have the same hunger and desire.

The responsibility associated with pursuing radical life extension requires a strong network of like-minded individuals, who can provide energy, strength, and motivation to push boundaries and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Addressing Skepticism and Fostering Understanding at RAADfest

Are you skeptical about the idea of living longer, significantly longer?

It's natural to be skeptical about new advancements. Humans always have been. The key to satisfying a skeptic mind is to provide transparency and information using the innovations and therapies shared in the presentations and showcased at RAADCity.

As Jim stated:

I'm not sure that's always possible, but you can satisfy them. It's the nature of the human being to be skeptical … We want to create a mass movement that spreads across the world that gives people this opportunity to know this information, then they will make a decision by themselves. If they still want to remain skeptics, they will. But most of the time they go … Oh, WOW!

By sharing the behind-the-scenes process and demonstrating the tangible progress made, RAADfest aims to surprise and educate skeptics about the possibilities within the field.

RAADfest. It's Transformational …

As Jim called out:

RAADfest. It's transformational… I always look forward to seeing the people again … then meeting new people. That's the most exciting thing.

Plus learning the new therapies and modalities and what's advanced this year compared to last year, I mean, that's always exciting. But really, I mean, we do this because we love the human contact and we love to see people thrive.

RAADfest's annual gathering of longevity enthusiasts is a testament to the power of human connections in the pursuit of radical life extension. With Bernadeane Brown and James Strole at the helm, this event promises an exciting exploration of the possibilities that lie ahead.

As Bernadeane put it:

Above everything, it's the people … We offer something of a physical body that you don't get from the pill. And so I think we need to be felt in the body because there's an inspiration that comes with it. And we all need that inspiration. That really makes everything else work like it needs to work.

By putting a face to longevity and embracing real human contact, RAADfest empowers attendees to take proactive steps towards a future of extended lifespans. As participants come together, they create a supportive community, fostering personal growth and collective empowerment.

Some of the Highlights at RAADfest 2023


  • George Church, PhD: Technologies to Radically Alter Our Genomes: Why and How?
  • Bill Faloon: Major Biomedical Advances in 2023 and What's Delaying Clinical Implementation
  • James Strole: Death Means Business. Do We?
  • Bryan Johnson: Project Blueprint, an Endeavor to Achieve Humanity and Eart Scale Cooperation Starting with Self
  • Liz Parrish: Gene Therapy to Address Cell Damage Due to Aging
  • Dr Jeffrey Gladden: Creating an integrated symphonic exponential longevity strategy to succeed

RAADCity. The Marketplace of Your Future

  • Blood Plasma Exchange
  • Blood work from Life Extension
  • Peptides
  • OneSkin. Topical supplement to reverse biological skin age
  • Dexa Scan
  • Supplements

Redefining the Future: Unlimited Lifespan, Cosmic Exploration, and Human Togetherness

When asked what we can expect from the future, Jim stated, “We're entering an era of creativity rather than survival.” He sees a future where the extension of human years is not just about accumulating time but enriching life quality, encouraging a respect for the human body like never before.

Bernie resonated with Jim's insights, adding her views on the emotional and spiritual dimensions of longevity. “We're collectively expanding in ways physically, mentally, and spiritually that we've never seen before.” She emphasized that unlimited lifespan should encourage “sweetness with one another,” advocating for a deeper understanding and connection among people as we age.

Both hosts also touched upon the tantalizing prospects of future space travel within this new context of unlimited lifespan. The exploration of other cosmic territories should be viewed not as an escape from Earth, but as an extension of our quality of life, Bernie and Jim concurred. Space travel is seen as a continuation of human creativity and togetherness, enriching life not just on our home planet but throughout the universe.

Let's all meet our future face-to-face … in person at RAADfest, with us at Jeunessima, at home and workplace … or all three.

Let's embark on a joint journey towards a longer and more fulfilling future.

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