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Thriving with ADD or ADHD for Women Entrepreneurs!

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8 June 2023

11 AM - 12  PM Eastern Time
5 - 6 PM Central European

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What You’ll Learn in This

Transformative Live Training

Are you a female entrepreneur, founder, or business leader with ADD or ADHD? Or do you suspect that you might have ADD or ADHD?

Discover the secrets to harnessing your unique strengths and unlocking your full potential in this exclusive 1-hour live training!

Join Ines O'Donovan, PhD who has been struggling with ADD her whole life without knowing it ... and now uses it as her superpower.

In this high-energy, interactive training you will ...

Gain a deeper understanding of ADD/ ADHD in women and its impact on entrepreneurship

The best way to use ADHD as your superpower is understanding it, including its symptoms, how to know if you've got ADHD, and how it influences your business

Transform your ADHD challenges into assets for innovation and success

Many symptoms might sound daunting but if you leverage ADHD traits well you can boost your creativity and business growth

Learn cutting-edge techniques to optimize focus, productivity, and well-being

... without any medication ... based on the latest science, biohacking & Ines' best strategies

Connect with like-minded women and share experiences, strategies, and support

Expand your network, share insights, foster collaboration, and grow

Get Access to Jeunessima Magazine 28

Read more about how to 'Supercharge Your Brain … at Any Age. Enjoy a Happy Mind, Peak Performance & Longevity'

Don't let ADD/ ADHD hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Embrace your ADD/ ADHD superpowers and start thriving in business and life today!

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Your MasterClass Host:

Ines O'Donovan, PhD & MBA

Futurist & Thought Leader. Speaker. Coach & Consultant. Magazine Publisher: Women. Health, Aging & Longevity. Leadership - High Performance - Web3 & Metaverse

Ines helps Women Executives & Entrepreneurs to enjoy vibrant health, peak performance & abundant longevity, so they can turn all their dreams into reality.

She only discovered during perimenopause that she has had ADHD her whole life long, explaining many things in her life.

She combines her experiences as one of the first BioFinessers (female biohackers), a PhD in Management Learning & Leadership & an MBA in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship, several wellness businesses & her love for innovative approaches to health, aging & longevity to give talks at international conferences, coach Women, publish Jeunessima Magazine, the leading health, aging & longevity magazine for women, and co-lead the Women Leading Longevity Club.

Fun fact: Ines is biologically 31 years younger than her age

Ines would have loved to have known about her ADHD a lot earlier to avoid many of the pains & profit from the ADHD superpowers. Thankfully, you can learn from her mistakes and the best tips & tricks she has since discovered.

Places are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us for this live training that will change the way you think about your personal and your business future