How to Have Healthier, More Glowing Skin ... and Slow Aging ... With Green Tea
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How to Have Healthier, More Glowing Skin … and Slow Aging … With Green Tea

… You’ve probably heard that green tea is very healthy for you.

But did you know that it is very good for your skin too? From the inside and the outside?

When you drink green tea regularly or take green tea extracts including EGCG, you can expect that your skin's microcirculation improves, and nutrients and oxygen get a chance to feed your skin (study).

Your collagen and elastin fibers, so important if you don’t want to see wrinkles too soon, will be strengthened. This means that the elasticity and the density of your skin will increase.

Your skin will be better hydrated, and it will look smoother (study).

Even better, … drinking green tea can also protect you from the sun (photoprotection) and avoid getting sunburned (as quickly as usual). You avoid premature skin aging.

But that’s still not all. If you want to protect yourself even better from the sun and reduce wrinkles, wash your face with green tea or simply use it as a topical.

As a side note, green tea also activates autophagy, your body’s mechanism for removing dead cells and other cellular debris, which is probably also helping your skin to be healthier and more glowing.

You might be able to increase the effectiveness of green tea even further by taking vitamin C and quercetin.

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