How To Clear Your Mind
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How To Clear Your Mind

… You are very busy. There are so many things going on in your life. You keep doing, being active, trying to get it all done.

But do you take time to let your mind digest all that is going on? Do you allow it to release what it no longer needs? …

Or do you just keep stuffing it with new thoughts … piling them on top on all the other thoughts that are already clogging up your mind?

If you experience irritability, stress, difficulties to make decisions, mood swings, anger, or mental exhaustion even at the beginning of the day, then your mind is overloaded.

As with any handbag that you just keep stuffing with everything that gets into your hands, it becomes impossible after a while to find what you’re actually looking for. Things start melting into each other. It’s not pleasant to use anymore.

It needs to be decluttered … and cleansed.

The same is true for your mind. And it is actually really easy to do.

How to Declutter and Cleanse Your Mind

Sit down in a nice place where you won’t be disturbed. No distractions, so no music, no windows to look out of, … nothing. I like closing my eyes.

For half an hour … if you can even an hour … simply sit there and let thoughts bubble up to the top of your mind.

Just let them come! …

Those thoughts are not always pleasant. They can actually become quite painful as more and more thoughts that you have been trying to forget or ignore become loose and float to the surface.

Don’t get stuck in any of the thoughts. Simply let them drift up … and away.

These thoughts are not you … they’re just your thoughts.

Release your Thoughts - Woman letting go of the Clutter in her Mind

Do this daily for at least 2 weeks … I recommend doing this as long as it takes to clear your mind.

Depending on how long it is ago that you have cleared your mind the last time and how much new things you have stuffed in since, it might take a while.

But it is very much worth it.

You will find that negative thoughts become less and less.

You will start feeling freer, calmer, lighter. Your mood will be lifting.

You will experience being more resistant to any stress you encounter.

Your brain will function better, and you will have more clarity of mind that will allow you to make the right decisions.

All from sitting down and just BEING.

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Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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