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Ines’ Ageless Lifestyle Tips 355 – Celebrate Smarter. Essential Tips for Your Christmas

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Summary …

  • Harmony Within: Mastering Calm in the Festive Frenzy
  • Mindful Merriment: Mental Health and Cognitive Vitality
  • FREE Holiday Season Survival Webinar
  • Savor the Season: Nurturing Health at the Holiday Table
  • Active Celebrations: Fitness and Fun
  • Christmas Upgraded: BioFinesse Tips for Enthusiasts Seeking More from the Holiday Season
  • Gathering Joyfully: Party and Social Strategies
  • Reconnecting with Nature's Essence
  • The Spiritual Art of Saying No

Hi there, as the holiday season sweeps in with its jubilant cheers, it also ushers in a few uninvited guests: stress, weight gain, and general health concerns. About 70% of us overeat, 50% gain weight, 60% face stress, and 30% of women entrepreneurs suffer poor sleep. And an astounding nearly 80% of women feel pressured to create the 'perfect' holiday.

Businesswomen and entrepreneurs often face these amplified by their demanding roles.

But don’t worry. I’ve got some practical tips for navigating these seasonal challenges for you. Even embracing just a few of my 29 tips can significantly ease your journey, turning potential holiday stress into a season of celebration and well-being.

Enjoy this newsletter special … and Christmas …

Harmony Within: Mastering Calm in the Festive Frenzy …

Take a ‘ME’ Time-out: Cherish daily moments of solitude for reflection or relaxation, listening to music, reading, or just doing nothing … even if it is just 10 minutes. They are vital for recharging your spirit.

The Art of Saying No: Embrace the power of saying 'no' to prioritize your well-being. It's okay to decline certain invites or requests. Choose what aligns with your priorities and celebrate without overwhelming yourself.

Effective Stress Management: Utilize Yoga Nidra and thoughtful time management for stress alleviation.

Improved Sleep Hygiene: Embrace blue light blocking glasses in the evenings and herbal sleep aids like valerian root or chamomile tea for rejuvenating sleep.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Activate your vagus nerve for relaxation (and cognitive performance) by practicing deep, slow breathing, gargling, singing or humming, massaging the neck and feet, briefly immersing your face in cold water, or enjoying physical activities like walking or yoga.

Mindful Merriment: Mental Health and Cognitive Vitality …

Embrace Positivity: Foster gratitude to uplift your mood and improve overall well-being. This can reduce stress, improve sleep, and even boost immunity. Consider starting a gratitude journal or simply spending a few minutes each day reflecting on what you're thankful for.

Cognitive Function and Brain Health: Nourish your brain with omega-3-rich foods like walnuts. Keep mentally active with puzzles or new skills.

Cocoa Flavanols for Cognition: Delight in cocoa flavanol-rich hot chocolate for a delicious boost to brain health.

FREE Holiday Season Survival Webinar

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Holiday Season Survival Webinar

Savor the Season: Nurturing Health at the Holiday Table …

Eat Slowly: Take time to chew your food thoroughly; this aids digestion and helps in feeling full sooner.

Avoid Eating Late at Night: Try to have your last meal at least 3-4 hours before bed to aid digestion and sleep quality.

Gut Health Focus: Strengthen your gut with prebiotic-rich foods like garlic, onions, and bananas to nourish beneficial gut bacteria. Add fermented delights such as yogurt, kefir, or kimchi to your diet to boost your gut microbiome diversity.

Plenty of Fiber. Enhance holiday meals with fiber-rich sides like quinoa salads and roasted root vegetables for gut health and fullness.

Hormone Balancing Foods: Include flaxseeds and maca root in your diet to maintain hormonal equilibrium.

Blood Sugar Management: Sprinkle cinnamon on dishes; it's known to help regulate blood sugar levels. Ensure each meal has a good balance of protein, fats, and fiber to stabilize blood sugar. Go for walks … best right after your meal to improve your digestion and reduce blood sugar spikes.

Replace sugar with stevia or monk fruit - Overdoing sugar consumption causes chronic inflammation which accelerates aging. Swap out at least some sugary holiday treats for delicacies naturally sweetened with anti-inflammatory stevia or monk fruit instead. This reduces glycemic spikes.

Smart Cooking Methods: Opt for healthier cooking techniques like steaming vegetables and using heart-healthy oils.

Phytonutrient challenge - Challenge family members to a contest focused on incorporating foods and drinks especially high in longevity boosting compounds like flavonoids and glucosinolates over the holidays. Things like dark chocolate, green tea, pomegranate juice, broccoli sprouts, and a glass of red wine can activate pathways to inhibit aging

Active Celebrations: Fitness and Fun …

Customized Exercise Plan: Balance HIIT with some strength training (like lifting up children), stretching or yoga.

Fun Movement Competitions. Add a touch of competition to your family gatherings with active, fun games that get everyone moving. Why not put on some music and have a dance-off? Or embrace the snow outside – see who can build the biggest snowman, have a snowball fight or simply go for a winter walk.

Cold Therapy for Immunity: Take 30-90 second cold showers or ice baths to enhance your immune system and vitality … and put you in a great mood.
The slight stress activates anti-inflammatory immune system pathways that combat aging.

Christmas Upgraded: BioFinesse Tips for Enthusiasts Seeking More from the Holiday Season …

The Power of Adaptogens: Adaptogens like Holy Basil combat stress, Astragalus boosts your immune system, and Ashwagandha fights fatigue.

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT): Try Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) by briefly exposing yourself to lower oxygen levels. Combine brief low-oxygen exposure with exercises like hyperventilating and deep breath holding (make sure to check with your healthcare practitioner if this is safe for you!). This practice can boost cardiovascular health and enhance workout performance, keeping you energized for your holiday activities.

Light Therapy: In winter, when sunlight is scarce and we can't get enough Vitamin D, using a light therapy box for 30 minutes each morning can elevate mood, energy levels, and regulate sleep-wake cycles.

Gathering Joyfully: Party and Social Strategies …

Connect with Friends: Make time to connect with friends, whether in person or virtually, for emotional support.

Healthy Pre-Party Snacking: Fuel up with a nutritious snack before partying to avoid overindulgence.

Choose Wisely: At parties, opt for healthier options and control portion sizes.

Conscious Alcohol Choices: Opt for clear spirits with soda or wine over sugary mixed drinks to reduce calorie intake. And drink plenty of water to enjoy the festivities responsibly.

Protect Your Eyes from Flying Corks. It’s great to enjoy champagne or sparkling wines but those corks can travel at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour reaching a close-by eye in less than 0.05 seconds, faster than you can close that eye. You’ll find a safe way of opening here.

Reconnecting with Nature's Essence …

Nature Immersion: Reduce stress and blood pressure and boost immunity with activities like forest bathing for a holistic nature connection.

The Spiritual Art of Saying No …

… Saying No, especially during Christmas time, can be so difficult.

Courtney Martin shares in her article why it’s important to do so and how you can achieve it.

Read a short abstract …

“If you don’t learn to say no, you’ll either be miserable or die. One or the other.”

I’d never heard it put so bluntly, but as we wound our way through the moss-covered trees of beautiful Bainbridge Island, this spiky-haired, taxi driving, Reiki master schooled me in the spiritual art of saying no.

From her perspective, if you don’t learn to say no, you use your energy in ways that don’t make you happy. Do enough of that and you actually get physically ill — heart attacks, cancer, autoimmune illnesses; utter enough unconscious yeses and your body says the biggest, most finite no of all.

It was pretty convincing …

Read the full article in Jeunessima Magazine 12. On your desktop (Jeunessima.Academy). On your iPad, tablet, or phone.

Quote of the Week …

Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance—each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon - Deborah Whipp

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas 🎄

Have fun … stay young,


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