Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 10. Tips for Busy Women over 40
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Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 10. Tips for Busy Women over 40

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I am back again with your weekly lifestyle delights, things I’ve discovered for you, enjoyed, pondered, …

As you know I had to take a break because I had been working far too hard for far too long.

Am I fully recovered yet? No, still far from it. But I’ve decided to start with a few small things like this weekly e-mail to you … because helping you to really enjoy life … at any age … is what I live for, my purpose in life.

So, without further ado, here are your lifestyle delights …

This Month is Stress Awareness Month …

Considering that I have to take time off because my body, mind & spirit were totally exhausted, Stress Awareness Month is a good daily reminder that looking after yourself is crucially important.

Yes, it is possible to keep pushing yourself while reducing stress with small things like taking 1 minute several times a day to just lean back, close your eyes and focus on your breath, meditating, doing yoga, sleeping a bit longer, … but if you don’t plan time for a longer recuperation and rejuvenation period … and I’m talking about at least 2 weeks, ideally more … then you will be exhausted eventually.

There will be nothing left to give, neither to your family and friends nor your business.

And this is especially true if you love working hard, are an over-achiever and/or a perfectionist. We just tend to ignore all the signs and stop buttons. Trust me, I know.

So, use this weekend to plan for a longer vacation this year … and put it into your calendar!

It's Easter…

Easter time, spring time. What a great opportunity to spoil yourself a little with beautiful decoration, wonderful food, delicious cocktails. I’ve collected a few ideas for you here.

The best tip I heard at last week’s Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco …

Get some more sleep on a comfortable mattress. Professor Yonei from Japan found in his research that among other benefits this helps to reduce some of the glycation (the ‘caramelization’, as I like to call it), of your insides that lets you age much quicker. So, enjoy your sleep.

A book I’m reading …

I love the way Tim Ferriss deconstructs ways of living well. And in his book Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers he has collected the most effective tips from some of the greatest people alive on how to do exactly that, in our personal and in business life. I love particularly the chapters on health but you will also enjoy the wealthy and wise chapters.

Quote I’m reflecting on …

Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come.


Enjoy the day and share your comments, tips, and ideas with me. Which is your favorite thing above? What do you want me to talk about? Send a tweet to @InesODonovan or leave me a message on Facebook. Put #lifestyledelights in so I can find it 😉 … Or simply reply to this mail 😉

Thanks for reading!

Have fun … stay young,


Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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