Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 134. Tips for Busy Women over 40
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Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 134. Tips for Busy Women over 40

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Hello, last weekend I went to Germany to learn from molecular biologist, naturopath, Wim Hof trainer & yoga teacher Josephine Worseck, PhD how to take an ice bath with ease and joy.

But what I learnt was so much more. I achieved a dramatic drop in my stress level that I haven’t been able to achieve before … and … as you know … I’ve tried a lot!

Here are your weekly lifestyle delights with tips & ideas I learnt in that workshop.

Oh, and if you have questions regarding the Wim Hof method … or other cold therapies for that matter … please join me and Josephine for ‘The Cool Art of Staying Healthy' webinar on September 18th (Wednesday), so YOU can be healthier, happier and enjoy your life more … every single day. …

Join Ines O'Donovan & Josephine Worseck for The Cool Art of Staying Healthy Webinar & learn about Wim Hof & other Ways to use the cold to be healthy at any age

And let us know … What do you want to know about cold therapies?

But let's look at what I've learnt.

Dramatically Drop Your Stress Level, Boost Your Energy, Reduce Your Body’s PH Level, and So Much More …

… One of the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof method is breathing. And even though it’s very simple, I was absolutely amazed when I looked at my Oura ring after the workshop and found that not only had the ring recorded the breathing session we had done as a resting session, … it also showed a very low resting heart and increased heart rate variability … all signs that the relaxation response, the parasympathetic nervous system worked extremely well.

I … of course … had to do this again in a more controlled session the next morning … and my resting heart rate fell below my usual resting heart rate at night (which is normally the lowest we get) and my heart rate variability was well above my usual one. Amazing! …

And later on, I felt very energized.

No meditation, hypnosis, other breathing techniques, … ever managed to achieve this.

Incredibly, all it takes is just about 10/15 minutes … and about 3 to 4 rounds of 30-40 breaths.

There are plenty of videos out there that show the breathing technique … but the best I’ve found is this one that Wim Hof teaches himself.

Make sure to listen to his safety cautions … This breathing technique is so powerful, that it is crucial to follow them.

Increase Your Willpower and … Achieve What You Want … Be Who You Want to Be …

… with the right mindset … or as Wim calls it … commitment. It is the 2nd pillar of his method and a very crucial one for daily life.

By knowing what you want to achieve … eg by following the Wim Hof method … and imagining how you want to experience a situation, and then doing it, helps to achieve and be more than you ever dreamt of.

Just to give you an example: My intentions on Sunday were to be perfectly balanced, happy, … and at ease with letting go.

Before entering the ice bath, it is what I imagined. No wobbling around, no need to think about the cold of the ice cubes freezing my skin or other thoughts that might stop me, … simple peace and happiness.

And it worked!

Repeating this again and again will increase willpower and allow achieving previously unimaginable successes.

And don’t forget … every small success makes you stronger … You can take that strength and mindset or commitment and use it in any situation you might face.

What are you committing to? Today!

Enjoy All the Amazing Benefits of the Cold … Including …

… boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation, improving circulation and metabolism, reducing pain, helping with depression, …. Pretty good for just ‘enjoying’ some cold treatment like taking an ice bath, right?

And if you relax your body & mind before exposing yourself to the cold, if you imagine yourself experiencing the treatment with ease and joy and remind yourself of what you want to achieve, it’s so much easier to do.

Each individual participant of last week’s workshop managed to stay in the ice tub for 2 to 3 minutes (Don’t do more!!!) … and have a relaxed smile on their face. Even all of those who hate the cold and had never even taken a cold shower before. … I have the pictures to prove it.

But maybe you don’t want to start with an actual ice bath straight away, so why not start with cold showers? Or taking a bath in a cold lake or the sea … best when the temperatures are getting lower to get a fuller experience? Or … even just rubbing yourself with some ice cubes … or dunking your face into a bowl with ice-cold water ? They are all a good start that bring you fabulous benefits.

Ines … Live

… As I do at other events too … I’ve recorded my experiences, thoughts, and impressions of last week’s Wim Hof ice bathing workshop in a Facebook Live. Check it out!

Quote I’m Reflecting on …

One of the greatest discoveries a woman makes, one of her great surprises, is to find she can do what she was afraid she couldn’t do – Adapted from Henry Ford


What tips or ideas do you have? What has helped you to live a more joyful & vibrant life? I’d love to share these with women around the world. Send a tweet to @InesODonovan or leave me a message on Facebook. Include #lifestyledelights so I can find it 😉 … Or simply reply to this mail 😉

Thanks for reading!

Have fun … stay young,

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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