Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 7. Tips for busy Women over 40
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Jeunessima Friday Lifestyle Delights 7. Tips for busy Women over 40

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Hello, welcome to the latest Friday Lifestyle Delights, all about things I’ve discovered, enjoyed, pondered, done … Are you enjoying them? What tips would you love me to share … or get?

The fitness tool I love most …

… is kettlebells. Within just a few minutes once or twice a week I can keep my body toned … and it’s what I’ve found most effective against those pesky love handles. It’s a weight and cardio training in one.

The best way to take supplements (or medication) …

Many of us, including myself, take supplements. And sometimes those capsules and tablets can be hard to swallow. A few years ago, I came across a study that actually tested how to make it easier. Many of us put the tablets or capsules on our tongue, take something to drink and then throw our head back to swallow them.

The best method though is the so lean-forward technique. You still put the capsules on your tongue and take a little sip to drink … but instead of throwing your head to the back, you actually tilt your chin slightly to the chest and then you swallow the capsule with the head bent forward. That works particularly well for large and very large capsules. Try it out!

My favorite flower…

… this month is the evening primrose. It is not just beautiful, it is also so beneficial for us women. You can, for instance, use evening primrose oil for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, to deal with PMS, breast pain, and hot flashes. You can even add it to your food as a source of essential fatty acids. .. Try it out.

A centenarian that inspires me …

… and shows that it is never too late to start exercising. French cyclist Robert Marchand showed in a study that even when you are older than 100, it is still possible to improve your physical performance. After a 45-year break, he restarted cycling at the age of 70 and by the time he reached 103 years, his maximum aerobic capacity (measured by VO2max) was comparable to that of a sedentary 50-year-old man or of an active 65-year-old man. Wow!

Quote I’m reflecting on …

Enthused by Monsieur Marchand, the quote I’m thinking about once again is: Aging is inevitable. Getting old is optional.


I’d love to hear your comments, ideas, suggestions, requests. Which is your favorite thing above? What do you want me to talk about? Send a tweet to @InesODonovan or leave me a message on Facebook. Put #lifestyledelights in so I can find it 😉 …

Thanks for reading!

Have fun … stay young,

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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