Ines O'Donovan from Jeunessima is reporting about the latest News from the Jeunessima reports the latest News the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco
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Living Healthier. Living Longer. Living more Beautifully. The latest News from the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco

I love anti-aging. So at the beginning of this month, I went once again to the AMWC 2018 (the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) to learn about the latest discoveries and developments in the world of beauty and anti-aging.

The AMWC is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, antiaging conference in the world. About 12,000 doctors and practitioners come from all around the world to see how they can help their clients and patients to look, feel, … BE younger, healthier and more beautiful … at any age.

As I wanted to make sure that you get the latest and greatest news immediately, I recorded a video at the end of each conference day.

Click on the links below to watch the videos:

AMWC 2018, Day 1: Chemical Peels. Mimicking Caloric Restriction for a longer & healthier Life. Transhumanism – How far are you ready to go?

AMWC 2018, Day 2: Your Posture is showing your Age. How a healthy Microbiome keeps us young. Metformin, the old new Anti-Aging Drug

AMWC 2018, Day 3: How Stress is Aging us. Light Therapy as a Way to a Healthier Body

But before doing so, let me talk a little bit about the 5 areas that got prime attention at the conference. But before doing so,

1. Fecal Microbiota Transplants to prevent or even reverse Aging

Can fecal Microbiota Transplants prevent or even reverse Aging?Most of the cells in our body are not actually our own cells. They are part of the microbiota, 10-100 trillion cells of bacteria and other microorganisms that have settled primarily in our gut.

As there are far more of them than we have of our own human cells, they have a huge say in how healthy we really are … and … how quickly we age.

To revive our own microbiota and bring back beneficial bacteria it is possible to transplant somebody else's into our own.

The way it works is that stool is taken from a tested donor who has a healthy (and young) microbiota with a healthy microbiome (the genes that define our microbiota).

Then the stool is mixed with saline or another solution, strained, and placed into our body … via colonoscopy, endoscopy, or enema.

At the conference, they also spoke about designing tablets in the future that can be swallowed like other supplements. That would make it easy and give more people the opportunity to overcome diseases and rejuvenate their body or even reverse aging.

2. Rejuvenating your OvariesRejuvenating your Ovaries

Many women are waiting well into their 40s … or beyond … with the decision to have children. The reasons are numerous like waiting for the right man, the right situation, … and they are all valid.

Unfortunately though, for some of the women, it is too late by the time they try to get pregnant. They are no longer able to have children. Their reproductive organs are ‘too old'.

So, I was excited about the news that it now becomes possible to rejuvenate ovaries even 10 years after their ‘retirement' and offer women a new chance to have a child.

3. Metformin … the not so new Anti-Aging Drug

Metformin - The old ... new Anti-Aging Drug?Metformin had originally been developed to treat diabetes. But over the last years, we hear more and more about metformin as an anti-aging drug.

In one of the sessions, I attended, for instance, about a quarter of the room raised their hands when asked who was taking metformin. (I wasn't one of them … yet).

It is not surprising that metformin is so popular. Each year we hear about new benefits of metformin that help us to live a healthier and longer life.

One of the things we learned this year, for instance, was that metformin boosts the removal of waste from your body through the lymphatic system, that it can make your body believe that you're starving (mimic caloric restriction) with all the rejuvenating benefits it brings, and so much more.

And at this moment we are still far away from understanding how metformin really works. So, we can expect more research and discoveries over the next years.

So far though, metformin has shown to be extremely effective without harmful side effects.

Saying all that, I'm not telling you to take metformin. This is not my place to do. But if you are interested, then I suggest you go to a functional doctor or an antiaging doctor to see if metformin is right for you.

4. The ketogenic Diet is arriving in the Anti-Aging World

Is the ketogenic Diet helping you to stay young and healthy?In the anti-aging world, we have been talking for quite a few years already about limiting or completely removing sugar from our diet.

And in the biohacking and biofinesse world, we have been talking about the ketogenic diet … or as I believe makes much more sense the ketogenic lifestyle.

This year, it was the first time I heard about the ketogenic diet at an anti-aging conference.

I believe that this is a great step into the right direction as research has already shown that a ketogenic lifestyle can indeed prevent or overcome diseases including cancer and can help us to live our lives with more energy and joy.

Oh, this time I was the only one in the room who was following a ketogenic lifestyle (surprise!). I'm sure I will see many more people join me over the next years.

5. What is the Best Time to start when we want to prevent Aging?

What is the best Time to start prevent Aging?I am the last person to create fear when we talk about aging. I believe that we should never be afraid of aging. It is something wonderful, something that we should enjoy.

But I also do believe that aging is actually something we can postpone or even reverse.

And why wouldn't we want to live a healthier life for a longer time, a time where we can do and achieve so many things?

I, for instance, want to live to at least 150 years so I can really experience the world, try out a lot of different things, and share my joy and wisdom with women all around the world.

So, we do need to think about the best time to start looking after ourselves, after our health.

A good time in my opinion and the opinion of Dr. Uliana Gout and the AMWC Scientific Directors Thierry Besins and Claude Dalle, are the early 20s.

And I'm not talking about injecting Botox at the age of 20 as some aesthetic doctors do (even though they might have valid points).

Just by living our body creates a lot of waste and damage. And it is around our 20s when our body is not as efficient anymore as it used to be to remove the waste and repair the damage.

We don't see any damage at that age yet though. So, we usually don't worry about all those invisible things deteriorating in our body. We continue working really hard and playing hard while our body is desperately trying to catch up.

It is generally in the 40s that we start seeing the signs of that damage: we are tired more often, catch colds easier than before, we don't recover as quickly from exercise. We start putting on weight, or we might see the first lines or wrinkles on our faces or find some gray hair.

The problem is that at this stage we have done so much damage to our body already that it is much more difficult to support our body in repairing this damage and getting back to a healthy body and mind.

What does that mean? … It's pretty simple: The earlier we can help our body to stay healthy, the better it is. We do this with our cars, so why should we do this with our own body?

And if you're thinking right now that it is too late for you already … then let me tell you that it's never too late.

You can … at any time and age … slow down aging … reverse some of the damage … and maybe even reverse aging.

Anti-aging research is advancing with big steps so you and I can live healthier, happier, and enjoy our life more … every day.

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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