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  • Get Cheeky with Resveratrol
  • The Importance of Being You. Interview with an Entrepreneuress
  • Are You Allowing Your Impostor Syndrome to Be Your Loudest Critic?
  • Less is More. The Busy Woman’s Guide To Getting the Most Benefits for her Fitness
  • 21 Mantras That Boost Your Confidence
  • Charge up Your Brain. Boost Your Performance … With Modafinil
  • Good Posture is the Best Confidence Boost
  • Confidence Is Sexy. 6 Things to Gain Confidence in the Bedroom
  • The Year of Wearables at CES 2019
  • Keeping Your Body & Mind Young
  • The Coffee Chocolate That Not Only Melts Your Heart but Your Fat as Well
  • The Top 5 Books to Build Your Confidence & Believe in Yourself (Again)
  • What a Journey! … Even Editors Struggle With Confidence


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Your Top Tips & Ideas for a Healthier, Happier & Longer Life

Download the pdf of the index with our top tips from Jeunessima Magazine issue 21 by right-clicking on the image below.

Choose one action that you can start implementing into your life today …
so you enjoy your life more … every day … at any age!


Sometimes you just need a little reminder. Here are self confidence affirmations and confidence quotes chosen specifically for you.

Click on the image and … download the pdf with all mantra cards to your computer. … Print them out.

Place them in visible spots throughout your home and workplace where you keep seeing them all the time.

Choose two are three mantras that resonate most with you … and …

Say them … in your head … or aloud …

Every single day.



  • AMO+ HealthguardA necklace that promises to reverse aging naturally by helping you improve sleep, reduce stress, stabilize your heart rate and respiration, and improve your circulation
  • Embr Wave – Its technology cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist in waves, creating a natural response so you can cool down during menopausal heatwaves or heat up when you're cold
  • Oura Ring – Oura helps you better understand your body and reach your goals through an intelligent, data-driven plan to help you improve across the most important aspects of your well-being
  • GoBe2It is a wrist band that measures how many calories you consume and how many you burn, your hydration level, stress and sleep quality and not to forget your heartrate, steps and distance
  • LifeLeaf from LifePlus – It is a smartwatch that monitors blood glucose non-invasively and continuously 
  • TouchpointsThis work as a pair and use a proprietary neuroscientific technology to reduce stress by giving the user gentle, haptic micro-vibrations
  • Teslasuit by VR Electronics – This full-body suit includes haptic feedback, EMS, TENS, motion capture, climate control and biometrics allowing you to measure stress and other vitals


  • LogicInk – This is a one-time ‘tattoo’ that shows you the accumulated UV light exposure on your skin by changing its color
  • E-vone – These shoes help people with balance issues or elderly as they detect falls and automatically alert people defined in a ‘solidarity chain’
  • Quell by NeuroMetrix – This uses prescription strength nerve stimulation to block chronic pain


  • Upright Go Posture Trainer & Back Corrector – This is a comfortable strapless posture corrector that you place on your upper back. It reminds you to sit or stand up straight with a real-time gentle vibration reminder
  • Sense-U Smart Wearable Posture Trainer Brace and the 5-Sensor Posture Trainer Smart Shirt for Women – This is the world's FIRST smart posture Brace that vibrates when you slouch. This improves your posture immediately
  • Leonisa Back Support Posture Corrector– This is a back support posture corrector wireless bra with adjustable front closure. Its trademark PowerSlim fabric provides firm compression and super support while the high-coverage underarm design streamlines your silhouette
  • Posture Corrector Back BraceThis works by training your spine alignment and muscles memory to improve posture, straighten back and stop slouching. This also will help you to look straighter and taller in a short time
  • Alignmed Posture Shirt –  This is a wearable therapy to retrain muscles and improve muscle tone, performance, posture, poise and reduce pain. The therapeutic touch and tensions of NeuroBands target specific muscle groups, in a kinetic sequence to influence the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and its essential role in movement, injury prevention, and injury recovery


  • URGOnight by URGOTECH – It is the first non-invasive daytime brain training solution for a better sleep
  • AMO+ HealthguardA necklace that promises to reverse aging naturally by helping you improve sleep, reduce stress, stabilize your heart rate and respiration, and improve your circulation
  • Oura Ring – Oura is a ring that measures your sleep data helping you better understand your body and sleep and adapt it according to the recommendation for best performance


  • Kinesiology TapeThis offers reliable fast muscle support, helping ease your pain, & you'll even look good using it


  • Reserol Reserveratrol Boosting FilmsReserol is a thin film strip containing 20 mg Resveratrol. The film is made with a patented technology. This has been designed to distribute Resveratrol to the body via the oral lining in the most effective way possible.


  • Aeklys ring developed by ICARE Technologies – Replace your wallet and your keys with this beautifully designed smart ring by Philippe Starck
  • Linkflow FITT360 Connect – This neckband records 360-degree video from your point of view
  • iGlam’s LED-lit jewelry– This gives fashionistas the opportunity to change the color of their ring, necklace or earrings to adapt them to the outfit they are wearing


Sommer Renaldo, Next Level Trainings part-owner

Sommer is an emotional intelligence and leadership training. Their trainings in Columbus, Ohio, have attracted students from all over the world and has had a huge impact both on the participants and the local community.

Miriam Hoffbauer, Holistic & Nutrition Coach

Miriam is a holistic Health & Nutrition Coach in Germany, specializing in Keto/ LowCarb/ Paleo and Orthomolecular Therapy and has a thing for BioFinesse. She helps women take their health into their own hands, getting back and increasing their energy.

Dr. Ines O'Donovan, PHD & MBA, Founder of the Jeunessima Lifestyle Company
Twitter: @inesodonovan

Ines is the Creator of Jeunessima. A BioFinesser all her life, she loves
trying out the latest tools & techniques to enjoy at least 150 happy and healthy years. With Jeunessima she is helping over 130,000 women to be healthy, slow aging & to enjoy their life to the fullest … every day … at any age.

Amanda Walker, Healthstyle & CrossFit Coach

Amanda is a Healthstyle & CrossFit Coach, mom of two, and wife who
empowers women to feel amazing naked. Having overcome her own
struggles with food, body & mind, she has guided thousands of women helping them to conquer fear & confusion and get unstuck.


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Confidence Is Sexy. 6 Things to Gain Confidence in the Bedroom

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Are You Allowing Your Impostor Syndrome to Be Your Loudest Critic?

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