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Jeunessima Magazine 29. The FemTech Revolution … How to Unlock Your Potential … at Any Age

Jeunessima Magazine 29. The FemTech Revolution - How to Unlock Your Potential at Any Age


The FemTech Revolution … How to Unlock Your Potential … at Any Age


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In This Issue ...

Discover Jeunessima Magazine 29 with plenty of articles, tips & news based on the latest research

Embrace Longevity

A song for women co-composed by our Editor Ines O’Donovan & AI

Kaatsu. The Game-Changer in Women's Health, Fitness, and Longevity

Are you looking to boost your health, fitness & longevity? Dive into the world of Kaatsu Blood Flow Restriction and discover a safe training device tailored to your needs

Be True to Thyself. An Interview with Audrey Sheppard on Forging Your Own Path

Discover 76-year-young Audrey Sheppard's inspiring story of breaking barriers in politics and health, empowering women to pursue success and wellbeing with authenticity and courage

The Future of Aging. Interviews with Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs. Part 8

Women, Wisdom, and Wellness: Marija Butkovic's Insights on Aging & Longevity

Women's health deserves more attention! Discover what you can do to overcome this challenge, embrace aging with pride, and unlock secrets to a longer, healthier life with Marija Butkovic's insights for your wellness and longevity journey

Building a Future Free of Age-Related Disease. An Introduction to Treating Aging

From Botox to cutting-edge rejuvenation biotechnologies: Treating Aging with SENS Research's pioneering rejuvenation biotechnologies, turning the tables on Age-Related Disease

Trailblazing Initiatives

Beyond Longevity: Crafting a Life Well-Lived Through Intentional Practices

Health is the new wealth. But what are the best strategies to achieve healthy aging & longevity? Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos shares some of the commonalities that she has discovered as part of her Nof1 interviews

Shaping Tomorrow: Crafting a Future Where Science Serves Women

Women’s health is still underappreciated and underfunded. Find out how AthenaDAO wants to revolutionize the space and how you can join the movement

FemAging Tech. FemTech Companies for the Woman Over 40

Charting the course from fertility to post-menopause, FemAging Tech is at the forefront. Delve into FemAging Tech with Denise Pines, celebrating and empowering women aged 40 and up

Mastering Virtual Reality: 10 Tips to Defeat Cybersickness

Uncover proven techniques to combat cybersickness, elevate your immersive experience, and leverage VR as a powerful tool in your business with Dr. Ines O’Donovan, PhD

Virtual Therapeutics: The Future of Personalized Health and Longevity

Step into the future of healthcare with innovative virtual therapeutics as Dr. Ines O’Donovan, PhD explains why they are the key to personalized medicine for enhanced longevity and holistic well-being

Optimize Your Health, Fitness & Longevity with Zone 2 Training

Unlock the secrets to improved health and longevity with Zone 2 training! Dive into the simplicity of reaching your optimal heart rate zone for maximum benefits

Gender Pension Pay Gap: Can FinTech Help Closing this Gap?

Tackling the gender wealth gap with FinTech: From personalized retirement plans to ensuring financial longevity, explore how technology uplifts women's futures with Dr. Ira Sobel, PhD

Unlocking the Future of Health & Wellness. Trends and Innovations at CES & AMWC

Stay ahead with the latest trends in health management, aging, longevity, and wellness innovations at CES 2024 & AMWC. From wearables to preventive strategies, discover cutting-edge tech and tips

Jeunessima News. The Latest Tips, Ideas & Research for Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

In this issue, you find tips & news on the best diet for longevity, strength training, ADHD & longevity, how to make better decisions, bioengineered air-purifying plants and more innovative news of what you can expect in the future

The Jeunessima Art of Ageless Living Guide

Discover a summary of our top tips & ideas from this magazine issue so you can enjoy your life more … every day … at any age

... and much more of course!

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