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Why Jeunessima? … Start Here. A Few Words from Jeunessima Creator Dr Ines O’Donovan

Hello and … welcome to the Jeunessima Portal!

I am very happy that you have found your way to Jeunessima and me, Ines O’Donovan, the Creator and CEO of the company.

Before you explore the Jeunessima Magazine Issues, the Articles, our Weekly Lifestyle Delights, … let me tell you a little more about myself, why I have created Jeunessima … and what it is all about.

Including why Jeunessima is the company that can finally help you to really enjoy life.

This is actually the basis on which everything we do is built … our strong belief that …

Women deserve to enjoy Life … at any Time … and any Age

If you are like most business women and entrepreneurs, you focus most … or all … your time on others … your children, partner, clients, business in general, your parents, …

With no time left for yourself. No opportunity to do what you really want, … to be who you really want to be.

You might feel lonely even though you have people around you. Some of those people might suck the bit of remaining energy out of you … and make daily life a hassle.

Where is the joy? … The opportunity to reconnect with your Self, your soul?

Where are the opportunities to let go and simply enjoy yourself? To be uplifted?

And what’s worse … all this has a tremendous impact on your health (think for instance about headaches, back aches, anxiety, diabetes, your heart), … and on your happiness.

It lets you age quicker and even causes premature death (it might sound harsh but it it’s really true).

And if you think about the business side … it makes it more difficult to make any decision (stressed brains can’t think very well), … any work you do takes longer and longer, … the people and the business you want to attract … are repelled.

And the longer you keep going that same way, the longer it takes before you make those beautiful plans & actions you had a reality, … the worse it gets.

And the longer you keep going that same way, the longer it takes before you make those beautiful plans & actions you had a reality … the worse it gets.

And eventually, as I’ve seen happening over and over again working with women from around the world, you’ are drawn into a negative spiral that seems inescapable.

And … unfortunately, there comes a time when many women give up. They start believing that it’s actually all normal, it’s ‘just old age’.

Maybe you are there already.

Imagine the future … if you continue on this path …

And all that just because you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to enjoy life a little bit, … to give yourself a little attention and self-love.

Aging is inevitable. Getting old is optional – Dr. Ines O’Donovan

I know how this is … I’ve had years of a negative spiral when my old … or shall I say … younger Self … seemed to vanish. I became more isolated, lost confidence in the things I’m able to do and achieve.

I started wearing darker colors, especially brown … :-O  And as a spring type (for those who know the different color types) that didn’t particularly suit me and didn’t do anything to uplift my spirit.

And everybody else who knew me before … and now … will attest to me being a very optimistic, happy person …. Yet, it still happened.

And all that because I didn’t take time for myself … to BE ME … to enjoy life.

Anyway, … I turned everything around by finding my own mission in helping women across the world to feel & live young, … or you might call it ageless, inspired, motivated, enthusiastic, being full of energy, having loads of joie-de-vivre …

And this is what I want for you … why I have created Jeunessima … and why – after already publishing the Jeunessima Magazine since 2014 – I have decided to give women around the world easier access to more content on this site.

… Content that matters to YOU!

I believe that all women … at any age … deserve beauty, magic, happiness … and luxurious moments in life.

And even though that will look different to each individual woman, you deserve all of this. We all want … and deserve it.

And more than that … the people around us, your business … deserve this … They, we all, need you to be your very best Self … so that you can have a real impact in the world.

To know your past thoughts, look at the life you’re living right now.
Look at your current thoughts and you’ll know your future.

You believe it might be too late for you?

You look in the mirror and only see features that you believe are beyond lovable?

You already feel exhausted in the morning … with no energy to spare?

You believe that your dream about having that body that feels good to you, that does what YOU want … just stays a dream?

You think that it’s only fantasy at this stage to have a brain that remembers all the things you want to remember?

Believe me, it’s NEVER … EVER too late.

Right now is the moment to start giving yourself a little break …

… and no, it doesn’t need to take much time. You might be astonished how much of a difference you can make to yourself and your life in just one minute a day.

… and no, it won’t cost you any money … The most luxurious moments in life are actually free.

And yes, it is easily possible to integrate it all into your daily life.

At Jeunessima we … I … want you to know how you can be your very best self … at any age … with the least amount of effort … but loads of fun.

We do not want to overwhelm you. We rather take the approach … take it easy … go step by step. One baby step at a time.

While huge steps and quick results sound amazing … they’re normally not sustainable … and extremely rarely fun.

We want you to have a little piece of joy every day … and over time … it will accumulate to incredible amounts of happiness.

And in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, … you’ll look back and you’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come … with just some tiny baby steps.

At Jeunessima the baby steps we’ve chosen – based on what women like you and me do on a daily basis … and on the latest research – are put together in our Ageless System consisting of 6 + 1 pillars:

These are the pillars that not only bring you joy every day and help you to be who you want to be … they also make you ageless.

The pillars are:

  • Be Vibrant (Health & Wellness)
  • Nutrilicious (Nutrition that is delicious)
  • Fitness
  • Style (Beauty & Style)
  • Love (Sex & Relationships)
  • Fabulous Lifestyle (General Lifestyle)

Overarching all of those is Your Mind, how you think about yourself and your life as this is what really defines who you will be in the future.

… And … of course … we don’t want you to miss out on being inspired. What – after all – would life be without inspiration and some soul-nourishment?

The Pillars of an Ageless Life

The Pillars of an Ageless Life are those areas of a woman's life that help to make a real difference ... and allow women to really enjoy life ... at any time ... and any ageWe have created the categories in this portal to reflect those pillars …

The content we’ll be posting over time will relate to those pillars fusing ancient wisdom and practices with latest research and techniques as we believe that only by bringing both together you can be your very best self and experience every day to the fullest … with joy and satisfaction.

You choose what category to start with.

And if you want to go a step further, look at the category Bio Finesse. There you find techniques and approaches from biohacking, a form of testing and improving your body, mind and performance to the limits, …

But don't worry. We have adapted them for you, for women who want to get more out of life … without going into the sometimes pretty harsh reality of biohackers.

There are so many more things I would love to tell you about … but I know that you don’t have much time. So, I’ll end this article here for today.

Come back here to the Jeunessima site at least once a week to find a new article, a new tip, some new research … guidance and inspiration.

And … I would love for us to connect more

Join me … and women from around the world … on Facebook, Jeunessima Twitter, InesODonovan Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I wish you a wonderful day … and a life full of beauty, magic and happiness … a life fully lived.

Have fun, stay young,

Ines O'Donovan, PhD
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