Thrive State. Activating the Biology of Human Performance & Longevity: Ines O’Donovan Interviews Dr. Kien Vuu, aka Doctor V cover
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Thrive State. Activating the Biology of Human Performance & Longevity: Ines O’Donovan Interviews Dr. Kien Vuu, aka Doctor V

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to unlock your full potential and thrive in both your personal and professional life?

I've interviewed Dr. Kien Vuu, aka Doctor V, The Performance and Longevity Doc on what thrive state is and how our consciousness plays a crucial role in achieving peak performance and longevity … ahead of his talk at the super-longevity conference RAADfest.

Ready to meet the future face-to-face? Let's dive into the interview and see what Dr. Vu has to share about this exciting field.

Watch the full Interview: Thrive State. Activating Your Biology of Human Performance & Longevity with Dr. Kien Vuu, aka Doctor V

Dr. V, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your role in the field of super-longevity

Well, who I am is somebody who's really a proponent of having a beautiful life, create a beautiful biology, including having super-longevity.

I was a Clinical Professor over at UCLA and several other academic institutions, got trained in the National Institute of Health as well as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. But yet as a traditional doctor, seven years ago I was overweight, diabetic, had high blood pressure, and was on prescription medications.

I then went into biohacking, longevity medicine, antiaging medicine, became a concierge doctor that used the science of longevity to help people live longer, perform better.

But the deeper I got into this, I soon discovered that how we live our life is actually medicine, that our consciousness that we are in unlocks the key to super-performance and longevity. And so I've migrated once again in terms of sharing with people that it is their consciousness, how they view their life and the choices they make in that space that's the best medicine for them.

What are the most exciting developments and innovations you have seen over the last 12 months that will change the field? And how do you think will it impact super-longevity?

Well, over the last 12 months, we've really seen technology exploding and expanding. And what we could see even more, is more in terms of drug development. Rapamycin was something that people were just starting to use, and we're starting to get some longer term data as to what rapamycin can do.

We're seeing gene therapy become something that is newer and exciting and being able to see more clinical translation of gene therapy, not just in animal models. We're seeing the ability to diagnose early stage cancers with our blood and MRI machines as well.

And we're also seeing the take-off of some thing that I am super excited about, which is psychedelic medicine. Psychedelic medicine using either traditional plant medicines or synthetics, allowing us to tap into parts of our consciousness, which, again, I think is one of the keys to activating the biology of longevity and peak performance.

Next gen longevity is personal and so is RAADfest

The most critical element in your super-longevity equation is not just cutting-edge longevity strategies shared by pioneering practitioners. Or visionary knowledge from thought leaders. It’s the human connection with people creating this future with you.

Meet your future face-to-face at RAADfest

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The theme for this year's RAADFest is ‘Meet your future face-to-face.’ What does the theme mean to you?

Well, when we look at the future, we could see that over the past several months, artificial intelligence is now more on the forefront of people's minds and hearts.

People are probably using it in their work, in their businesses, in their daily lives. And this is something that we can offload to artificial intelligence. But as we look at to where technology has taken us in the past, we've had all these technologies that made life easier for us.

But if we take a look where people actually live the longest, if we take a look at where people are the happiest all over the world, they don't have access to any of this technology. In fact, it's how they live their life, how they commune with each other that seems to activate the biology of performance and longevity.

That's something that I describe in detail in my book Thrive State, that how we live our life actually correlates to biochemical changes, changes in our bio-energetic field that speaks to ourselves in a moment to moment basis.

There's a famous quote by the Dalai Lama where he says …

We have a paradox in time in our history where we have …
Taller buildings, but shorter tempers.
Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints.
We spend more, but we have less.
We buy more, but we enjoy it less.
We have more medicine, but less wellness.
And we've added years to life, not life to those years.

I probably butcher that quote a little bit, but it just goes to show that with additional technology, we could lose sense of what it truly means to be a human being. And we can create technology that takes us away from that.

For example, the conveniences that we have at home, we're not out working out or being in the natural sunlight. We have this technology that's allowed us to do that, but that technology has made us less healthy and will make us live less long.

So there's technology on one side, but then on the other side is remembering who we are, remembering we are human beings, remembering we are part of a collective, that we are individual cells in the body of our families, of our organizations, of humanity altogether.

You will be talking about thrive state at RAADfest, Can you give us a sneak preview?

Thrive State basically is the consciousness that we are in. Because if we could send our body the signals of love, safety, and then also give it the nutrients and all the things it needs. Every single cell already has an innate intelligence to give us adaptability, resilience, longevity, and performance.

We just have to provide it in an environment where it can thrive. And we do so when we are aware of the consciousness that we are currently in, and therefore, the messages that we send to ourselves.

Seeing that there are so many developments, obviously on the technical side, but also there's more and more discussion about consciousness, can we actually replicate that? Does that exist in AI?

Let's look at the next five years. What developments, innovations do you see happening and how might this change the way we address aging in the future?

My main predictions are our ability to extend the time we are in this human meat suit, will exponentially rise over the next 5, 10, 15 years. Our ability to stave off against genetic diseases and the harmful things that we do out in the world will be improved.

How will humans choose to create an environment that is less harmful? How do we, as human beings with this artificial intelligence, not produce more pollution?

How do we create environments of more love and more connectivity? We get to choose now.

And to be honest, I'm not sure how that's going to go yet. I don't think anybody knows that at this stage. It's quite exciting times, but at some stage there are moments where it's like … Oh, this can be a bit frightening as well, because we do not know where things are going exactly.

What is the most unusual practice you've either seen or done yourself that can help to extend our healthspan and lifespan?

The basics are always good. Eating well, sleep well, moving every single day. But I would say something that's unusual that is a game changer, literal game changer for longevity and performance is breathwork.

There's a way we can breathe that actually quiets down what we call the default mode network or the part of our brains; that's the monkey mind, the lizard mind, that's a reptilian brain.

And when you turn that off, it leads you into new insights. You release trapped emotions in your body. You get access to who you truly are, which is safe and loved.

This elevates consciousness. So, breathwork is one of those things that I find is the number one game changing thing.

In conclusion, Dr. Kien Vuu's insights shed light on the power of consciousness in achieving the thrive state and with it peak performance and longevity.

As women entrepreneurs, unlocking our full potential in both our personal and professional lives is crucial. By understanding the impact of our choices and embracing a conscious mindset, we can create a beautiful life filled with adaptability, resilience, and success.

Now is the time to take action! Start by incorporating practices like breathwork into your daily routine to elevate consciousness and enhance your overall well-being. By prioritizing self-care, personal growth, and connecting with like-minded people who share your aspirations at events or conferences focused on personal development or entrepreneurship, you can thrive in all aspects of life.

Remember: Your future awaits – embrace it face-to-face!

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