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Be Healthy & Fight Off Diseases ... Every Day ... At Any Age
The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown us all into a lot of uncertainty & fear.

How can we stay healthy? What are the best ways to resist the virus ... and other germs? 

So, we at Jeunessima decided to create a Special Issue for you that guides you and helps you to stay healthy ... not just during the Corona crisis but also well beyond. Actually, for many decades to come.

We did a lot of research & reached out to experts all over the world.

Here are some of the topics we cover for you ...
  • Understanding Your Immune System. An Introduction. The immune system is your natural defense against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other intruders. Find out what the immune system is, why we need it and how it can go haywire 
  • The Benefits of a Healthy Immune System . Discover why it is crucial for your life … and aging … to have a healthy immune system
  • ​Signs Your Immune System Needs a BoostYour body tends to warn you when your immune system is not working properly. Use these signs to check in with your own immune system 
  • ​How You Might Be Weakening Your Immune SystemMany people are very active in weakening their own immune system without even knowing it. Are you? 
  • ​Surviving a Crisis. Understanding the Mind-Body Connection of StressYour emotional health and your physical wellbeing, specifically your immune system, are linked. Gavin Sharpe shows how stress impacts your immune system not just during but also after a crisis is over 
  • ​The Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System and Fight Diseases. There are plenty of simple ways to strengthen your immune system. The more you stack, the better your immune system will defend you 
  • BioFinesse Your Immune System. The Extra That Supercharges Your Health. Are you an Uber-Achiever … or are you simply looking for a super-strong immune system that keeps you healthy and going when others slow down, get ill, or even have to give up? … Then these BioFinesse tips are for you 
  • ​​You Are Never Too Old to Build a Strong Immune System. What do 82-year young Bernadeane & 71-year young James Strole do to build a super immune system and win the war against illness, aging, and death? 
  • ​The Little-Known Supplements That Supercharge Your Immune System & Keep You Healthy. Dr Kaufmann shares some eclectic plants and molecules that you might never have heard of but that are very effective in modulating your immune system  
  • ​Why Boost NAD+ to Improve Your Immunity?  NAD+ is a natural molecule found in every cell in your body. Dr Conlon explains its vital role in generating cellular energy and activating cellular maintenance and repair processes that keep your cells in good health 
  • ​Back to the Rhythm of Nature with the Power of LightUntil a few hundred years ago, we got up with the sun and went to bed with the sun. Then came artificial light, TVs, computers, mobile phones. Find out from Toine Schoutens how they derange your circadian rhythm and what that means for your sleep & health
  • ​The Power of Red-Light Therapy. How to BioFinesse Your Health at any AgeThe ancient Egyptians called it heliotherapy. The ancient Greeks used sunlight to treat depression. Babs Sekulovska & Thomas Lechner share how you can use red-light therapy today & reap plenty of health benefits 
  • ​Boost Your Health and Natural Immunity with Infrared Heat Imagine you are outside, the sun’s light hits your face and you can feel its gentle warmth. This delightful sensation is caused by infrared light. Johannes Kettelhodt & Sebastian Mierau explain how you can benefit from infrared heat even without the sun 
  • ​How to Enjoy More Health, Happiness … and Maybe Even a Longer Life. Tips from Health Experts & Longevity Enthusiasts . Health is more than just fighting for it once you are ill. True health is about energy, joy, feeling amazing in your body, having a strong mind. It is about increasing your health span, maybe even living longer. Discover what international experts & executives do and recommend
  • Daily Habits for a Strong Immune System and Healthy Longevity. The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of fear and anxiety about this disease and health in general to world. Tina Prodnik shares evidence-based tips on how you can boost your immune system and take a step towards a longer, healthier and happier life
  • ​​Staying as Biologically Young as Possible by Keeping Your Immune System Healthy A healthy immune system is not only imperative for optimal health, it will also increase your probability of living a long healthy life. Discover some effective BioFinesse tips of LEV Sciences Founder Brent Nally 
  • ​What to Do When the People Around You Are Ill?  You cannot avoid that people around you get ill. Explore ways to avoid getting ill too 
  • ​​What to Do When YOU Are Sick? Have you fallen ill? Here are some tips on how to speed up recovery … and make sure you don’t spread your illness to the people around you
  • ​... and Much More ...

Hi, I'm Ines O'Donovan, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Jeunessima Magazine. 

We here at Jeunessima have worked very hard since coronavirus has taken over the world. We've put together a guide that truly helps you to stay healthy. ... No BS! ... All based on the latest research!

And we keep going. ... As you can imagine, the experts are super busy now but they do want to contribute, so we are doing something we have never done before. We will keep adding new information and articles as they come in and update this Magazine Special regularly. We're already on our 5th edition with 144 pages full of tips and guidance for you. Some of them you've probably never heard of.

Our aim is to give you the very best, the most comprehensive, the most helpful guide ever ... so you can get through this coronavirus pandemic with more ease and confidence ... and stay healthy & happy for many years and decades to come.

Stay healthy ... stay strong,
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