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Foods that boost your Yin or Yang – A Jeunessima Infographic to balance your Life with Food

Have you noticed how the food you eat makes you feel afterwards?

How some foods leave you feeling energized and motivated, where other foods leave you feeling drained and sluggish?

Chinese Medicine uses yin and yang to understand the body’s state of health and specifically, where imbalances exist.

Food also has yin or yang energy.

Once you have done the Are you Yin or Yang? Test … Find out which foods to eat to keep your body in optimal health and enhance our skin’s complexion.

The Jeunessima Infographic to balance your Life with Food

Right-click on the image above to download the infographic with foods that boost your yin and yang … so you can take it with you the next time you go food shopping.

Enjoy the food … and a healthier, happier and more balanced life!

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